Date: Weds 9th - Mon 14th Aug
Location: Colesdale Farm, Northaw Road West, Cuffley, Hertfordshire EN6 4QZ  (Trains from Finsbury Park/Hornsey etc)

It's described as: Five days of skill-sharing for grassroots ecological direct action - make links, share ideas, and get involved in the struggles against fracking, new roads and more.

It's organised on non-hierarchical lines and, although I'm sure daytrippers would be welcome, if you can stay over you'll get to appreciate the beauty of the morning meetings, the true pleasure of toilet cleaning by consensus and more.

The workshop programme hasn't been finalised but a list of proposed workshops can be found on the EF!SG website:

Even if environmental activism isn't your thing, there are a lot of workshops that are relevant to many people in or around HSG, e.g.
- Not seen, not heard: moving about in the dark without being detected. 
- How to do allyship / solidarity activism?
- Seeing beyond the crises: the role of speculative fiction
- Liberating Life: The Kurdish Women's Movement and Women All Around the World
- Ecology and autonomy: an anarchist midwife's view of birth

There is a lot more information on the site about cost, travel directions and accessibility.  So have a look.

On Saturday 1st February the Our Tottenham Community Planning Conference was attended by over 95 people representing 42 local community groups & organisations, residents associations, traders groups, education institutions and London wide networks.

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Photo: Hjuk at en.wikipedia

North London's man-made water supply, the New River, is 400 years old this year... Much has been made of its history; but it isn't well known that the New River's creation and development is intimately bound up with the growth of capitalism.

Now radical history publishers Past Tense have just produced a new pamphlet, 'Free Like Conduit Water', an updated and expanded version of our old pamphlet on the New River. Author John Tyre discusses the moral economy of water distribution in medieval London, and how the New River, in effect the first Private Finance Initiative, altered this in the interests of embryonic capitalism. Read how the River became contested between the Company and the people who lived near its banks, who subverted it for their own uses...

'Free Like Conduit Water' also includes a long walk down the River's length in London, including trespasses where Thames Water won't let you and me go and relates it to the radical history and present of some of the areas it passes through, from enclosure riots on Enfield Chase, through squatting on the North Circular, arson and rebellion in Tottenham, speakers corners in Finsbury Park, to disorderly open spaces in Clerkenwell.

'Free Like Conduit Water' is available for £5 plus £1.50 P&P from past tense, c/o 56a Info Shop, 56 Crampton Street, London SE17 3AE, (cheques payable to 'past tense publications'), or from the publications page at

Haringey Council has recently said that it will listen to the concerns of local traders over the ongoing 'regeneration' of Tottenham High Road, which many fear is little more gentrification. Many traders have been recently speaking out against proposed demolitions and the threat of higher rents which could close many local family businesses.

But despite Councillor Alan Strickland claiming that local businesses will have a “strong voice” in the “business steering group” -  which met for the first time at the end of July - the Council has been meeting with the borough's “major” businesses for several months already – and their main concerns do not appear to be the needs of local residents.

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Saturday 3rd August marked the second anniversary of the death of Mark Duggan at the hands of armed police, and the twentieth anniversary of the death of Joy Gardner at the hands of immigration officers. At a packed public meeting at North London Community House, members of their families and others shared their stories and talked about the ongoing campaigns for justice.

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