A fair few of us from Haringey Solidarity Group saw, at first hand, events in Tottenham on Saturday night, sending live updates via our Twitter account (_HSG_), and once we've caught up on our sleep we'll probably post something here.

In the meantime, here is a link to an interview with Stafford Scott, self-described "active member of the community" (rather than the title that the Sky reporter wanted to bestow on him, "leading member..."):

or read a transcript of the Stafford Scott interview

Haringey Alliance For Public Services Rally held outside the Civic Centre in Wood Green on 14th September 2010 with over 120 participants.

The Haringey Alliance for Public Services (HAPS) was set up in June 2010 by a wide range of borough-wide organisations and individuals -- including residents and community networks, trade unions and political groups.


Equality considerations were unlawfully ignored in approval of multi million pound development

Campaigners fighting to prevent demolition of businesses and homes on the Wards Corner site over Seven Sisters tube station were today celebrating victory in an important Judicial Review test case. The Court of Appeal handed down a ruling that Haringey Council had acted unlawfully by not properly considering the impact on Tottenham's diverse local community of planned new housing and retail developments. The case is the first to decide that local authorities must assess impact in race equality terms before authorising major developments.


The coming election is supposed to be our big opportunity to "exercise our democratic freedom" by voting for the next government.  But general elections only happen about every five years. So if we live until we’re 70 years old, we’ll only get to "exercise our democratic freedom" about ten times in a lifetime.

When we vote, we vote for someone we've probably never met, who tells us, with absolute sincerity, that they know what is best for us. Our would-be leaders apply all their skills and ability to get elected, making use of their charisma and resources to sway the electorate. But once elected, what power do we really have to hold them to account?
MP expenses cheats


Haringey Solidarity Group's views on local and parliamentary elections are pretty clear - elections give the impression of democracy, but when it comes down to decision-making, the elected representative, whether it's an MP or a councillor, is more interested in listening to their party than the voices of local people. 

However, giving local residents the opportunity to discuss key local issues and concerns, at any time of the year, whether or not it's to coincide with the local and parliamentary elections, has to be a good thing.

Haringey Federation of Residents' Associations is doing just that, sending out an invitation to community groups to help plan a resident-led Tottenham Elections Debate.