Haringey resident Reverend Paul Nicolson is refusing to pay his council tax in protest at the cuts to council tax benefit and other government welfare 'reforms' that are making many people poorer and pushing them further into debt and poverty. He has said that “civil disobedience is morally defensible if it highlights laws which are morally indefensible”.

He has been summoned to appear for a liability order hearing on 9.30 AM on Friday 2 August at Tottenham Magistrates Court (map), where there will be a protest and to support him and a 'speak-out' for those affected by government policy to share their stories.


Fightback together against council and government attacks on our services, our facilities, our rights and our communities!

Defend Our Public Services - Rally at Full Council Meeting
Wednesday 27th February, 6.30pm - 7.30pm
Civic Centre, High Rd, N22

  • Stop cuts to our services, benefits and facilities
  • Affordable and secure housing for all
  • Defend the NHS
  • No to privatisation of our public services
  • No to property speculators imposing unwanted ‘regeneration’ schemes on our neighbourhoods
  • We demand the resources our communities need

It's OUR Haringey!

Called by Haringey Alliance for Public Services
Linking up opposition to cuts and privatisation of our public services, our community facilities & the welfare state                                

On the evening of Tuesday 12th over 550 people filled Archway Methodist Hall's main room, three overspill rooms and the foyer. Staff from the hospital board were unable to convince angry members of the public that their proposals to sell of the site, sack 570 staff and reduce the beds from 330 to 177 (despite recent red alerts over over-occupancy of beds) are acceptable, and the meeting called for the proposals to be dropped.


Lobby the Full Council Meeting on Monday 19 November, 6.45pm at Haringey Civic Centre, High Road, N22 (opp Ewart Grove)

Join the fightback against the Government's unnecessary and unfair 'austerity' programme

Following the protest last month against the appointment of a new Haringey Council Chief Executive and the union-organised demonstration 'For a Future That Works' in central London, all local residents and workers are encouraged to support the local lobby on 19 November to show there's an alternative. The council will be attempting to agree another £24m cuts to public services.


Full transcript of Judge Tempia's ruling on No Case to Answer

Ms Laporte and Mr Christian are both charged with assaulting a constable in the execution of his/her duty on 24 February 2011 at Haringey Civic Centre.

Ms Laporte is accused of assaulting PC Ball and Mr Christian is accused of assaulting PC Downing, both members of the TSG [Territorial Support Group].

I have been greatly assisted by skeleton arguments and oral submissions prepared by Mr Rhodes and Mr Wood for the defendants and Mr Benson for the Crown.

The question for me at this stage is whether officers Downing and Ball were acting in the execution of their duty and purporting to do so because there was a breach of the peace or an imminent breach of the peace on the third floor of the Civic Centre.