Climate Camp 2009On Wednesday afternoon over 1,000 people, including a sizeable Haringey contingent, took over common land and set up the London Camp For Climate Action. Thousands more are expected to join in a week of discussions, collective sustainable living, fun for all ages, protests and direct action for a sustainable society. If you are coming from Haringey, join us on Thursday 27th August for the Haringey meet up.


At the Lordship Rec Festival in September was the recently formed Tottenham Food Co-op, which is organized and run by members of the Sustainable Haringey food group and the Back To Earth charity, with support from Broadwater Farm Community Centre. This not-for-profit food market aims not only to provide fresh locally grown organic produce, fair trade products and organic dry goods, but also to encourage people to grow their own food on allotments and gardens and swap or sell their surplus.


Cars pour down our roads in noisy smelly rushing rivers, and we have all seen flowers left in memory of children violently taken while trying to hop from one island of safety to another. But for one brief Sunday in September a stretch of Wood Green High Road was closed to traffic. Stalls were set up and the crowds out shopping were entertained in the street. Children had the chance to try out bicycles on a small section of the road in safety.


The Weir Hall Action Group is stepping up its 20-year long campaign to save the Bull Lane Playing Fields on the Haringey/Enfield border near the new Sixth Form Centre in North Tottenham. They are supported by the Haringey Friends of Parks Forum and the Haringey Federation of Residents' Associations.

They are opposing Council plans to sell off some of the Council-owned green space for housing, and are developing their own community plan to manage the site for much needed sports and related activities. A decision is due to be made on September 16th.



Climate Camp Flying High

Many of us from Haringey participated in the Camp for Climate Action at Kingsnorth in Kent, 3-11 August. Following a 60 mile march/caravan from the site of last year's camp - Heathrow Airport - land near the Kingsnorth Power Station was seized for a week long event attended by 1500-2000 people. The idea was to resist government plans to expand coal-fired energy production in the light of coal's disastrous contribution to greenhouse gases and climate change.

It was an incredible week of discussions (over 200 workshops), collective sustainable living, fun for all ages, protests and direct action.

 On Saturday August 9th, despite repressive policing, a thousand people marched to block the main gates of the power station, many others scaled fences and got round the back of the plant via canoes and boats. There were also banners hung from pylons, blockades of agro-fuels depots, and other protests and direct action at significant climate-polluting sites around the South east of England.