Housing Benefit protestHaringey residents and members of Haringey Housing Action Group joined together to take action to oppose changes to housing benefit as part of the National Protest Against Cuts to Housing & Welfare Benefits. The group leafleted and talked to residents visiting Apex House in Tottenham, as well as council staff and passersby to raise awareness of the planned changes and how they will affect all of us, council workers and residents of Haringey. We discussed ways that we can fight back and resist the cuts and encouraged people to get involved.


outside Apex HouseLast week, Haringey Solidarity Group took action with M, a Haringey mother, facing eviction from a private tenancy. The council had finally agreed to house her, but would not do so until she had been physically evicted. M just wanted a few days' notice to make arrangements, and to put her mind at rest.


"We don't want to move!", say sheltered housing tenants

Elderly tenants met in Tottenham on Wednesday, 26th August, to launch a campaign to save their homes at four sheltered housing schemes:

Campbell Court, N17 - 49 flats
Larkspur Close, N17 - 36 flats
Protheroe House, N17 - 47 flats
Stokley Court, Hornsey - 47 flats

The four schemes have been removed from the Haringey's programme of 'decent homes' improvements, pending discussions with residents about the future of their homes.


On Saturday 1st August, Haringey Solidarity Group organised a protest outside the Natwest Bank in Wood Green. 

NatWest and Lloyds Banking Group have been bailed out with £70bn of our money, and it’s reckoned that the overall cost of propping up the banking system will be £130bn –that's almost £5,000 for every household in Britain.

But go down to Edmonton County Court on a Thursday and you'll find the same high street banks queuing up to get Repossession Orders – in effect, throwing families out on the street just because they can't pay their mortgages.


According to the Council of Mortgage Lenders, an estimated 75,000 homes will be repossessed this year, three timNatWest bank protest in Wood Greenes more than 2007, and nearly twice as many as last year.

The current financial crisis has led to people being laid off work, making them vulnerable to repossession orders due to them struggling to keep up with mortgage repayments.