Haringey tenants oppose 7 new weekly service charges.

A statement from Haringey Defend Council Housing campaign, June 2008:

Homes for Haringey are consulting us on SEVEN new weekly service charges for the 16,700 council tenants and the 4,000 leaseholders. Only ten weeks ago we had rent and service charge increases that averaged 9.1%, and that exceeded ten per cent for 7,187 tenant households. The proposed new charges are for cleaning the outside of communal windows in blocks, cleaning the outside of all windows in flats, sweeping and litter picking on bank holidays, more weeding of planted areas, more weed spraying of paths, more sweeping and cleaning corridors and balconies, and sweeping and cleaning outside flat doors. A further possible charge is for upgrading existing TV aerials to receive digital television. That would make sixteen weekly service charges, in addition to the rent.


Haringey Council is failing to house some of the most vulnerable people in our community, by turning them away or delaying their applications for so long that it amounts to the same thing.