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Over 120 people braved the miserable September rain to show their opposition to proposed public sector cuts. 

The lively rally at Wood Green Civic Centre was called by Haringey Alliance for Public Services to coincide with the first cabinet meeting of the council after the summer break. The precise nature of the government public sector cuts are yet to be announced, and the feeling is that it will be difficult to get the majority of people interested in a campaign against cuts until the details are revealed. If so, then this was certainly a promising turnout.


Haringey has lost nearly £17,000,000 in previously allocated government grants since the new coalition government came into power.

Young people will be hit hard by the latest wave of cuts as free swimming lessons for children are scrapped, free school meals, and youth centre programmes are also likely to go.

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It's what's called a "grower".  The third, and by far the largest, meeting of Haringey Alliance for Public Services saw the alliance move out of first gear, with the tiny Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green playing host to about 30 assorted trade unionists, community activists and concerned local residents.

People swapped stories of cuts to come, cuts disguised and cuts postponed. Everyone seemed determined to oppose cuts to public services, to put forward a vision of an improved public sector and to counter the general hysteria that significant cuts to services were unavoidable and would lead to societal collapse.


The threat to the Whittington A&E and five other hospitals in north London has outraged tens of thousands of people in all the boroughs affected. It is part of a bigger government plan to enforce cuts in all public services. Across the country, people are taking up the fight, resistance is growing against closures, privatisations and cuts - and in defence of local services that truly serve the community.


At a well-attended borough-wide meeting of health activists in early September, it was agreed by unanimous vote that the two previous health cuts campaigns - Better Local Healthcare and Stop Haringey Health Cuts Coalition - would work together as a coalition under the name ‘Defend Haringey’s Health Services’. 

Effectively this means that the Stop Haringey Health Cuts Coalition has morphed into the DHHS coalition with the same policies but a new name and seasonal rather than monthly meetings.