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Everyone is entitled to comprehensive and decent public services of all kinds. But public services are in a constant financial crisis. Told to make 'efficiency savings', the result is cuts and closures, land sell offs, attacks on staffing levels, wages and conditions, and moves towards privatisation and 'contracting out'. Private companies and property speculators circle like vultures waiting to satisfy their lust for profits at every opportunity.


The campaign to stop privatisation at the Laurels health centre stepped up a gear today (Wed 26 Nov).  At the board meeting of Haringey's Teaching and Primary Care Trust, local residents demanded that they reverse the decision to privatise one of the GP practices at the Laurels.

About 20 campaigners gathered inside the grounds of St Ann's hospital at a lobby called by the recently formed Laurels Action Group. But when the meeting began, Richard Sumray, the TPCT chair, refused to hear a brief presentation by a spokesperson for the group. He adjourned the meeting, despite calls to the contrary from the members of the public present. 


The management of the GP surgery at the Laurels Health Centre, St Ann’s Road is under threat of privatisation.

Haringey PCT has already advertised for private companies to take over the ‘PMS’ practice at the Laurels, which could lead to multinational health companies, whose main aim is to maximise their profits, taking over the surgery as early as April 2009. Local residents and users of the health centre have called a public meeting about the lack of consultation and to fight the privatisation.


Weekly picket of Haringey Teaching & Primary Care Trust HQ. Every Tuesday - 9am-10am at the gates of St Ann's Hospital (Haringey Primary Care Trust HQ), St Ann's Road, N15.

Evergreen House Surgery patients call on other patients to come and join them in defending local GP surgeries, the cornerstone of the NHS - Tuesdays 9am-10am at the gates of St Ann's Hospital. All welcome.