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Totally Indypendent no 26The latest issue of Haringey Solidarity Group's newsletter, Totally Indypendent, is now out, with articles about Tottenham 'regeneration' (including the new Costa Fortune in Seven Sisters), the implications of cuts to legal aid and much more.

You can download a link from our website, just click on the link in the Newsletter side panel, but if you would like a hard copy sent, then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

And if you like what you read, we'll be on the streets, handing them out, every weekend in the next month, so come and join us: keep an eye out on our Facebook page to find out where we'll be. Or sign up to our email list to find out how you can get more involved with helping to distribute it.



A few of us in HSG met up this week to discuss the events in Haringey on the night of 6th August and those that followed. It's been impossible to come up with something that we all agree on, but we have put some thoughts down about the things we talked about.

We feel that, rather than coming up with unhelpful statements of support or criticism of the actions of those on Saturday in Tottenham, what is needed is to see why these riots happened and how we make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Let’s get this straight. It is not Highgate or Hampstead that are rioting. Why? Because most there have money, opportunities and comfortable lives. Give that to us in Tottenham and Hackney and we wouldn’t riot either. We say “we” because it affects us all. These riots are about class and privilege – or lack of it. People loot to get the things – the fabricated desires – that advertising tells us we need, when they can’t get them any other way. Capitalists strive to create ever greater demand for products, from more and more ”consumers”, and last weekend they got more than what they bargained for: those kids consumed the only way they could. We may not agree with it. We may not like it. But, that’s the reality. This is a class thing.


A comrade from the Kurdish Anarchist Forum in Germany managed to contact a comrade from an anarchist group, Black Flag, in Egypt.  Below is an interview with him, following the resumption of email contact with Egypt on Wednesday 2 February.


We spent the month before the general election enthusiastically distributing the latest "anti-election" issue of our newsletter. With street stalls every weekend, tube station distributions and door-to-door delivery, we handed out all 5,000 copies of the Totally Indypendent in just over four weeks.

In fact we had so much fun that we completely forgot to post our reports on the website.  So below is a report from our stall on 1st May:


In a huge departure from our usual activities, members of Haringey Solidarity Group travelled to central London twice in one week to make a point of some kind.

On Saturday 28th March, members of the group marched with the HSG banner as part of the Direct Action - Militant Workers Block.  The aim of the block was to promote the idea of using direct action in the workplace to bring about real change.