Late Saturday morning on 18th December 2010, four people from HSG leafleted outside the UCKG Wood Green venue on the High Road. After we had been leafleting several minutes a person started taking pictures of us with his mobile phone - many pictures - probably trying to intimidate us, as he kept coming up close to us (about two feet away), continually taking pictures for over half an hour. He would not answer when asked why he was taking pictures, but was clearly from UCKG (someone who looked to be a staff member of UCKG came out and talked with him). This man also would not talk with us. We continued to hand out leaflets to passers by, and got a supportive response - including from local traders.

About an hour after we started, it started snowing more heavily and we decided to pack up. Having just finished leafleting, a policeman arrived and talked to the two people from UCKG. (His normal beat is Noel Park.) One of us went over to him, and he said something like "I'll talk to you in a minute". So we hung around nearby, just out of interest to see what he would say.



It's Christmas time in Haringey, and that usually means you can't move for UCKGers shaking a bucket at you. It's not enough that they tap their own members for cash (10% tithes, before tax, and even if you're claiming benefits), but in December they see fit to empty the pockets of cash-strapped passers by as well.

This year they went a step further and found themselves a prime position, at Sainsbury's checkouts - a collecting position too far for some local residents, who complained to the store manager and to their customer care line. 

Initially the complaints were rebuffed, the supermarket bosses claiming it wasn't their problem.  But a few more calls and incensed emails, and UCKG were sent packing.  Apparently the Wood Green store manager "was not fully aware of the organisation's background".

Following a protest by a library user in the summer 2008, the Head of Haringey Libraries banned the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God fundamentalist sect from usage of any library premises. 'Rescue of Dignity'  (a front organisation for UCKG) had been using Wood Green Library on a regular base on Friday afternoons. Their leaflet: 'Support for prisoners and their families' failed to mention that they are front organisation for the UCKG.


UCKG were the sect to which Victoria Climbie - a young child in Haringey - was taken by her aunt, Kouao in 2000. Victoria died after being starved to death to 'cure her' of being 'possessed by demons'.  Kouao and her boyfriend, Carl Manning, were jailed for life in January 2001 for the murder.