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Earlier this year, a member of Haringey Solidarity Group and Kurdistan Anarchists Forum spent two weeks in Syrian Kurdistan. Here he writes about his experiences and considers the attempts at self-government in the region against the background of the Syrian civil war and rise of Islamic State.



Monday 4th August 2014

Join us on for a peaceful remembrance vigil on the third anniversary of Mark's death. Mark's family are still fighting for justice and they need your support. There will be a meet up at 5pm outside Tangmere House on Broadwater Farm, to make our way to the spot on Ferry Lane where Mark was shot, for 6pm .

Directions: Tube & Train stop Tottenham Hale - Buses 41, 123, 192, 230 , W4


Haringey Solidarity with Taksim SquareDespite a police ban, more than 2000 protestors marched to Wood Green in north London on Saturday night as news was coming in of massive repression in Istanbul.


Guantanamo 10 yearsAs friends gather in Washington D.C. to demand the closure of Guantanamo, we take to the streets in Haringey

This morning, 11 January, on the 10th anniversary of the opening of Guantanamo, folks from Veterans for Peace, No Borders, Haringey Solidarity Group and Giuseppe Conlon Catholic Worker House gathered in Turnpike Lane, Haringey to demand the immediate closure of Guantanamo and other US gulags.

Our gathering included three former prisoners and a British veteran of the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan.  We made a specific call for the release of Londoner Shaker Aamer.


Protesting against public sector cuts is not a crime - a statement by Haringey Anti-Cuts Defendants' Campaign

Anti-cuts protest outside Highgate Magistrates' CourtOn 24th February a rally took place at the Haringey Civic Centre to protest against local government cuts. The demonstration was called by the Haringey Alliance for Public Services, in opposition to the £41m cuts to local services, which include the closure of three residential homes and four day centres for older people, a 75-per-cent cut in the Youth Service budget and the cutting of 19 staff from the Parks services.