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RESCHEDULED! 7.00pm, Thursday 26 October 2017
The Occupation of the American Mind
Loretta Alper, Jeremy Earp USA, 2016 | 82 mins | NR  | Tickets £4 / £3 low or unwaged

Due to circumstances beyond our control, this month’s film is now showing on 26 OCTOBER, NOT 19 October as previously announced.

“This is a film that demands to be seen. It shows, with devastating precision, how effective propaganda can hide crimes that are epic in scale and have catastrophic consequences. Please see this film, hire it, screen it, talk about it.”
Ken Loach

This powerful, eye-opening documentary brings past and present together in telling the story of the Israeli state’s brutal dehumanisation of the Palestinian people and its simultaneous public relations assault on the US media.

From al Nakba, or the ‘Catastrophe’, of 1947 when 700,00 were forcibly expelled from their land and homes, to the slaughter in Gaza by the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) in 2014, vivid archive footage and commentary gives an accurate telling of the unparalleled, 70-year oppression and subjugation of the Palestinian people.

As the world reacted with horror and outrage to the orchestration of the cold-blooded slaughter of Palestinian refugees in camps in South Lebanon in 1982, we learn of the creation of the Israeli propaganda machine. Enthusiastically promoted by the wealthy US pro-Israel lobby and elected representatives across the political divide, the myth that Israel, the underdog, is merely exercising self defence when constantly confronted by Palestinian terrorism is circulated unremittingly by partisan broadcast corporations.

Donald Trump has treated us to his self-serving version of ‘fake news’ which is generally ridiculed. Tragically, the fake news here is deadly in its effectiveness.

Screened in conjunction with, and support for, Haringey Justice for Palestinians.

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7.00pm, Thursday 23 November 2017
Ava DuVernay | USA, 2016 | 100 mins NR 

The US has less than 5% of the world’s population but almost 25% of the world’s prisoners

Taking its title from the 13th Amendment to the US constitution, this BAFTA winning documentary from Selma director Ava DuVernay offers a devastating analysis of race and the law in the USA.

The 13th amendment outlawed slavery but had a crucial caveat: “except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted.” This meant that once the civil war was over, former slaves could be arrested on trivial charges like vagrancy and loitering and turned into prisoners, and just like that…they were slaves again. DuVernay’s contention is that this loophole continues to be abused to this day; that the psychodynamics of slavery, and the economic logistics of it, have never gone away.

Populated with eloquent talking-head interviews and well-sourced archive material, DuVernay draws a strong, straight line from the abolition of slavery through the chain gang labour that replaced it, through segregation and the mythology of black criminality, to the war on crime and the war on drugs – rightly recontextualised as a race war – to the rise in mass incarceration and the big business of prisons.

Densely packed with ideas and truly shocking facts and statistics, this is a fiercely intelligent, powerful and timely film that we urge you to watch.