Welcome to Haringey Independent Cinema

HIC is a not-for-profit community film club organised and run by Haringey residents. It’s usually held on the last Thursday of the month at Park View School (formerly West Green Learning Centre) on West Green Road. Doors open at 7pm. Everyone welcome!

HIC 10th anniversary crop

2016 marks the 10th anniversary of Haringey Independent Cinema. We’ve been showing hard hitting, inspiring and thought provoking films since January 2006. What could we do to celebrate our 10 years of existence? Jokingly someone said, ‘why don’t you show some repeats?’, and our thoughts turned to those early days. So for the next three months we’ll be revisiting the films we showed on those very first film nights. Kicking off in April with McLibel, followed by The Battle of Algiers in May and In This World in June. All three are still as powerful and relevant as when we first showed them 10 years ago. What better way to celebrate our anniversary?

next-film-redThursday 30 June 2016 at 7.00pm
In This World
Michael Winterbottom | UK, 2002 | 88 mins | Rated 15

In This World

This intimate yet hard-hitting film follows two Afghan teenagers as they escape from a refugee camp in Pakistan, along the smugglers’ route known as The Silk Road.

Travelling through Iran, Turkey, Italy, and France, Jamal and and his cousin Enayatullah embark on a desperate journey to freedom. Short on money, lacking proper papers, and forced to travel in trucks and shipping containers, the boys find themselves at the mercy of the people-smugglers who make their living out of others’ misery.

Shot on digital video, In This World is styled as a fictional documentary, using voiceover narration and real refugees and locations (including the infamous Sangatte camp). The mainly improvised script creates a powerful piece of guerrilla filmmaking.

With a striking sense of the psychological effects of displacement and loss that these boys suffer, In This World challenges knee-jerk reactions to the asylum debate by questioning the neat distinctions between economic migrants and political refugees.

Thursday 21 July 2016 at 7.00pm
Some Like it Hot
Billy Wilder | USA, 1959 | 121 mins | Rated PG


Over the years, Hollywood has shown its capacity to deliver the awful, the hum-drum and the jaw-droppingly awesome. Few films slot into the latter category better than Some Like it Hot.

In the finest traditions of film-making, Wilder develops themes from earlier French and German films as well as adopting a plot-line from the roaring 20’s and gangsterism, in order to deliver a feast of breathless non-stop action. The three stars, Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, excel themselves as they seamlessly sync together in a black and white classic which is timeless in its appeal. The slapstick is on a par with the best of the Marx brothers and the one-liners come so thick and fast that merely viewing is exhausting.

Wilder sets out to entertain but also challenge the somewhat censorious era of the 50’s US with gender-bending, and sexual innuendo. The National League of Decency, an uptight watchdog of the time, lambasted the film as being, ‘morally objectionable’, for its promotion of, “homosexuals, lesbians and transvestism”.

If you haven’t seen this film, you are in for a treat. If you have, which will be most of you, the chance to watch it again on the big screen and laugh out loud in good company should not be missed.