Welcome to Haringey Independent Cinema

HIC is a not-for-profit community film club organised and run by Haringey residents. It’s usually held on the last Thursday of the month at West Green Learning Centre on West Green Road. Doors open at 7pm. Everyone welcome!

next-film-redThursday 26 March 2015
Sell-Off   The abolition of your NHS
Peter Bach | UK, 2014 | 57 mins | Cert. 15 

NHS-sell-ffSell Off: the abolition of your NHS is a radical, independent documentary that tells the story of what’s really happening to the NHS, and why. With interviews from experts and NHS insiders, it traces the history of so-called NHS ‘reforms’, from the 1980s to the disastrous Health and Social Care Act of 2012.

The film provides a clear account of a complex subject, and sets the record straight when so many politicians and media outlets either don’t know what’s actually happening, or are too afraid to admit it. Further, it details accounts of bribery and intimidation within the NHS and its agencies.

It’s a wake-up call to those who don’t believe politicians of all colours would sell the NHS to the highest bidders, with all the consequences for patient care that this will entail.

PLUS Tottenham Theatre and Walter Tull
Sam Johnson & Louis Brennan | UK 2014 | 22 mins

In 1910 Tull was the first mixed race footballer to play at Spurs. During  WW1 he became the first black officer. This insightful short film gives us a snapshot of Tull’s extraordinary life.

The film also tells the story of Tottenham Theatre’s birth. With a play about Tull by Phil Vasili, the project formed.  Tottenham Theatre then met a group of young actors from Let me Play based at Bruce Grove Youth Centre and, with their help, rehearsals got going.

Local film makers, Sam Johnson and Louis Brennan’s film start from the original concept through to the performance at the Bernie Grant Centre.  The film highlights the young actors’ commitment and talent as the project builds up to the first night.

 There will be a short Q&A after both films

Thursday 30 April 2015
Pablo Larraín | Chile, 2012 | 118 mins | Cert. 15

NoIt’s 1988 and international pressure has come to bear on Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, forcing him to call a referendum on his presidency. The country has the choice to vote either YES or NO to extend Pinochet’s rule for another eight years.

Leaders of the NO movement recruit Rene Saavedra (Gael García Bernal), a young advertising executive, to spearhead their campaign which he does using an unorthodox marketing theme and a dynamic visual gimmick. With few resources and constant scrutiny and intimidation by the dictator’s minions, Saavedra and his team hatch their audacious plan to win the election.

NO features a wonderfully appealing lead performance by Gael Garcia Bernal while telling the captivating real life story of how a savvy ad campaign brought about real political change. Paradoxically, advertising – the great commercial and consumerist art form – is boldly used as a tool by socialist and other left-wing opponents of Pinochet’s regime. While on paper this seems extremely counter-intuitive, NO doesn’t lose sight of these tensions.

The film’s celebratory tone never overshadows the enormity and dangers of posing an opposition in Chile to the Military Junta’s rule in 1988. If you have already seen this film then you will know it is time to see it again, but if you haven’t, on this occasion, don’t say NO.