Active groups in Haringey

Back to Earth Project
Back To Earth (B2E) Projects, a local environmental and community regeneration charity for Tottenham and Haringey was formed by local activists keen to develop environmental projects, as part of the regeneration of Lordship Rec and the Broadwater Farm estate areas. This is the first stage in a planned Back To Earth Environmental Improvement Programme, designed to help green and revitalise this area. We are already getting disparate local communities working together to: promote healthy diet in the Farm Community Kitchen/Café; do accredited catering, food hygiene and Health and Safety training; partake in community cook-ins, use our local Food Co-operative and this year to grow their own food on local land, allotments in schools, gardens - or even on their balconies or windowsills. 

Better Local Healthcare Campaign
We are Haringey residents who have become increasingly concerned about the loss of local health services. We are committed to the core principles of the NHS and to the notion that healthcare should be available for everyone, regardless of their circumstances 

East London Community Foundation
We are an independent charitable foundation covering East and North East London. Our aim is to improve the quality of life of local people. We do this by encouraging local giving. Our focus is on building better and stronger communities for future generations.
We have two key roles:
(1) We work with individual donors, organisations and companies to establish and then manage a wide range of charitable funds, including a Haringey fund that can support local community groups in perpetuity. Donations to the Haringey fund are currently matched by Government under the Grassroots Grants Endowment Challenge.
(2) We distribute grants, e.g. Haringey Grassroots Grants, which gives funding between £250 and £5,000 to small local groups for all sorts of activities. The next closing date is 1st June. Application packs are on our website.

Haringey Against ID Cards
We campaign against the information that will be stored about us on the National Identity Register and, unlike other European counties, linked to multiple databases. ID Cards are already being distributed as the new visas for foreign nationals. HAIDC was set up in Sept 2004 after a packed public meeting in Tottenham. Since then, we’ve held many high street stalls and protested outside council offices.
Please come to the stall if you’d like to find out more or be actively involved in protesting against the ID system.

Haringey Allotments Forum
We are open to all allotment supporters and meet 6 times a year to:

  1. Discuss and pursue issues of common concern relating to the improvement of the cultivation, management and provision of allotments in Haringey
  2. Promote the interests of Haringey allotment holders and to take joint action for the benefit of Haringey allotment holders.
  3. Co-operate with any committee set up by the government, local authorities and other bodies to further the interests of allotment holders.
  4. Take whatever steps required with Haringey Council for the good management and cultivation of allotment gardens.

Contact details: Steve Ballard (Chair) 07989 786 399

Haringey and Barnet Venezuela Information Centre (VIC) 
We are a broad-based UK campaign in solidarity with the people of Venezuela. Its supporters include trade unions, NGOs, academics, students and media. VIC aims are to provide objective and accurate information about all trade union, social movement and political organisations in Venezuela; counteract misrepresentation and distorted reporting on the situation in Venezuela; and support the right of the Venezuelan people to determine their own future free from external intervention.

Haringey Anti Poverty Initiative  (HAPI)
We works in solidarity with Haringey residents and workers to help them organise against economic oppression, and to defend and extend all our rights to decent housing, and wages and benefits we can live on. HAPI work closely with and are involved in LCAP (see below).

HAPI presently do not have a website

Haringey CND
CND campaigns non-violently to rid the world of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction and to create genuine security for future generations. CND opposes all nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction: their development, manufacture, testing, deployment and use or threatened use by any country.

0208 341 5997 Email:

Haringey Cycling Campaign
We promote cycling by: (1) working with Haringey Council for better cycling facilities, (2) provide social events and cycle rides, and (3) provide information on cycling. We do all this through the active involvement of the local community...... and this means you!

Haringey Defend Council Housing
Campaign for investment in Council housing without strings, for such housing to remain in public control, for improvements to conditions, and against rent and service charge rises.

Are linked to a national campaign -

Haringey Federation of Residents Associations
We are the umbrella organisation for local residents’ associations of all kinds around the borough - there are over 160 such groups. We support local RAs, and take up a wide range of ‘strategic’ issues. We generally promote community spirit and the empowerment of local communities. 

Haringey Friends of Parks Forum
We are an independent and very successful umbrella organisation and network for the 30 local Friends groups of Haringey residents who are active in ‘taking ownership’ of, and protecting and improving, our parks and open spaces.

Haringey Independent Cinema
Ours is a group of community orientated and libertarian-leaning citizens all living in the London Borough of Haringey. We wish to screen monthly films and documentaries that are sometimes challenging, always thought-provoking and usually rarely shown. 

Haringey Justice For Palestinians
Our aims include: (1) boycotting Israeli goods, (2) twinning with a Palestinian community, (3) raising funds to help Palestinian charities and political campaigns. We campaign for Justice for Palestinians , for Israel to obey international law, the Geneva Convention , relevant UN Resolutions & the International Court of Justice.

Haringey Solidarity Group
We are local people who want to get rid of the current system which places profit and power before people’s real needs. To do this people to get organised, fight back and take over the decision-making in communities and workplaces. We support and participate in local campaigns, spread ideas and help create effective opposition to the powers that be. 

Haringey Trades Union Council
We are a federation of local trade union branches,  the local body for the official Trades Union Congress, but in reality we act in support of campaigns, such as  strike support committees, those opposing war, racism and other discrimination, as well as workplace issues. 

Contact : 020 8292 8862

Hands off Venezuela
The Hands Off Venezuela Campaign was established in December 2002. The basic principles of the Campaign are: (1) solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution; (2) opposition to imperialist intervention in Venezuela; (3) building direct links with the revolutionary and trade union movement in Venezuela. 

The Haringey Association of Voluntary and Community Organisations (HAVCO) is a Council for Voluntary Service that was established in April 2003. As the council for voluntary service in Haringey, HAVCO aims to serve the voluntary and community sector by promoting, representing and supporting its diverse needs. 

Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
Founded in 1905, the IWW is open to all workers. Members include teachers, cleaners, retail workers, construction workers, bartenders, and computer programmers. Currently unemployed? You’re welcome! Only bosses are not allowed to join. We are a volunteer-driven union. Members, not union bosses or bureaucrats, run the union. Dues are used to maintain the union and organise campaigns. No money goes to political parties so monthly dues are low. 

Kids Collective Community Film Group
We organise community events based around screenings of international film, rarely screened animation and challenging documentary - we collaborate with others in an effort to produce an atmosphere of free-thinking that always has the potential to turn into a 'bit of a riot'. We also run outdoor screenings and are happy to work with other groups to facilitate such events.

E-mail:   Tel: 07966096482 

The Krankenhouse Project
We are an Autonomous Community Creative Free Space that has been established in Crouch End, North London. We're organising anything that we can - For Free!! Exhibitions, Workshops, Cafe's, Classes---Anything.. Yes sir... We're doing our own stuff but what we want is your participation! It’s great fun and a great example of what can be done with the capitals wasted buildings and dubious development projects. Come and see for yourself you might even find a hidden talent or four... Check out the next event or workshop. Choose one and come and see............. 149 Park Road, Crouch End, London

London Coalition Against Poverty
We are a coalition of local community activists and individuals working in advice. We believe that by coming together to combine advice work with direct action within our communities, we can access the rights that we are often denied. These rights are not enough, but at least they’re a start.

London No Borders
We are part of a network of groups in the UK and beyond struggling for freedom of movement for all and an end to migration controls. In the last few years, we have helped organised a number of demonstrations outside immigration detention centres and reporting centres around London. We have also offered active support to detainees who have resisted their imprisonment. Currently we are involved in organising a protest camp in Calais which will take place at the end of June. Borders allow the capitalist state to divide us and exploit us. No Borders No Nations! or or

London Rising Tide
London Rising Tide takes creative action on the root causes of climate chaos, and promotes socially just, ecological alternatives to fossil fuel madness. It's part of a wider worldwide growing movement of groups which seeks to dismantle the oil industry and live the future we want to see right now.

Our work focuses on raising environmental awareness and enabling people to move towards living more sustainably. We do this primarily through running permaculture courses, creating and promoting forest garden, and giving advice and consultations. We are based within the inner city of London and more recently in west Wales.

Non-Violent Resistance Network
Information to follow shortly

North East London Solidarity Federation
We seek to replace capitalism with a stateless society based on the principle of from each according to their ability, to each according to their needs. We support working class struggles towards these ends.

Nuclear Trains Action Group
We are a campaining organization opposing the transport of nuclear waste through densely populated areas such as London.

Pan African Development Education and Advocacy Programme (Padeap)
We are a vibrant and innovative organisation operating in Uganda (where it was set up in 1997), Nigeria and the UK. We promote African creativity, knowledge and skills and work on the challenges facing the continent through practical, community based projects. 

Pedro Achata Trust
The Pedro Achata Trust is dedicated to helping Latin American immigrants develop their own potential whilst living in the UK. In doing so, we take a comprehensive approach to helping them to succeed. We will also like to encourage successful clients to give us their support in turn to continue helping others. We will also make people aware in their countries of origin of the difficulties immigrants face abroad.
The Pedro Achata Trust is a non-profit corporation, and most revenue initially will be collected through grants and other fundraising efforts, while a growing percentage of funding will arrive later through the company's client base of small businesses. The Pedro Achata Trust is a start-up and the brainchild of Rita Jones and Alexandra Pereyra, founders of the Trust.

Radical History Network of North East London
We are a Haringey based body, meeting monthly, which looks at issues that are local, topical or of special interest.  Our supporters are libertarians, marxists, and miscellaneous others.  We regularly publish cheap, short booklets and attempt to put theory into practise by


Reel News
Reel News is an activist video collective, set up to publicise and share information on inspirational campaigns and struggles - not just in this country, but across the world.

Save Ally Pally and The Peoples' Palace Trust
Save Ally Pally Mission Statement is: (1) to Stop any sale of the Palace that's not for charitable purposes.; (2) Safeguard the studios, mast, Victorian theatre and famous Willis organ, and protect public access to these; (3) Reconstitute AP's trustees back to representatives of the whole of London and of the nation. 

Spectrum London
We are a peer support group for all trans people and those questioning their gender... along with partners, family, friends and allies. We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at: Trinity United Reform Church, Bucks Street, Camden, London. NW1 8NJ. As you can see we now work londonwide but we still see ourselves as part of Haringey, 07976 297091

Stop Haringey Health Cuts Coalition
We are an alliance of organisations including healthcare workers, health campaigners, residents associations, unions and others campaigning against cuts and privatisation of our local healthcare services. 

Students Against the War
Information to follow shortly 

Sustainable Haringey
We support the development of a Sustainable Haringey network, which will promote and encourage: (1) sustainable energy policies; (2) reduced consumption and waste, and maximise re-usage and recycling ; (3) sustainable travel; (4) local production of food, goods and services; (5) protect and improve  green spaces and natural habitats; (6) strong local communities.

Tottenham Civic Society 
We were founded in 2006 and is affiliated to the Civic Trust. Its aims are to promote the sustainable regeneration of Tottenham, with particular regard to its built heritage and environment. It also campaigns against unsympathetic overdevelopment. The society holds regular meetings and walks, and has a new website.

Tottenham Food Co-op 
We run the food co-op on the last Saturday of every month at the Broadwater Farm Community centre, 1 Adams Road, N17, between 12.30pm and 3pm. We sell organic fresh fruit and veg and dry goods at cost, plus Indian fair trade tea,  and often have a fair trade stall for Palestinian olive oil, soap and handicrafts.

The Farm Community Kitchen 
We serve good healthy freshly cooked hot meals at lunchtime, between 12-30 and 3pm at the Broadwater Farm Community Centre next to Lordship Rec in central Haringey.   “Home cooked” lunches, created by a cross-section of excellent cooks from various  Tottenham communities are being served to everyone at giveaway prices (£3-00 a full meal!). Please come and support this local sustainable  community food venture.

Tottenham & Wood Green Friends of the Earth  
We are made up of local volunteers who campaign on local, national and global environmental issues. We aim to involve people in pressing decision-makers to implement solutions to environmental problems that also improve quality of life. We played a full role in getting the Climate Change Act into law and we are pressing the Council to be more ambitious about cutting CO2 emissions from Haringey. We are also pressing Spurs to make their proposed new stadium greener. We meet monthly and produce a newsletter.

Vegan Campaigns (London)
Vegan Campaigns promotes veganism, mainly in the London area. Among the activities that have already taken place are vegan food fairs, information evenings, veggie burger giveaways and street stalls. We also helped to organise the London Vegan Festival in September 2005 and 2007. or 07946 535656

Wards Corner Community Coalition
We came together to block a development to demolish the Edwardian buildings and those in three adjacent streets, evict the vibrant latin-american market and build 8 storey blocks of flats and retail space. We also want to build on the vibrant and multi-cultural society that exists in Seven Sisters. We have brought together residents associations and market traders and developed our own Community Plan for the site. 

Worker Council Socialism
Previously known as “council communist”, our practise and theory draw on both marxist and anarchist traditions and ideas. Our journal is "Riff-Raff "and our statement is "As We See It Now". Our supporters are small in number but participate in many local initiatives.