Last year's event (Saturday 26th April 2008)

To all those who attended, thanks for coming along and taking part in Haringey Independence Day 2008.  About 250 people and over 30 groups turned up on the day. We've had lots of positive feedback and as there was enthusiasm for a similar event next year, this is what’s happening on Saturday 30th may 2009. If you want to be kept informed please email us at:

We have also putting into place a few of the ideas that came up in the final networking session, including developing a list of active grass roots, non-party political, campaign groups for the Independence Day website (see Groups active in Haringey), which other groups can either link to or copy on to their own sites. If you know of any other groups in Haringey that fit into the above category please contact us with the name of the group, contact website/email/etc and no more than 50 words about the group.

In addition, if you were involved in one of the participating groups and have an event you would like to publicise, Haringey Solidarity Group has a monthly mailout which goes out to about 70 people borough-wide. Please get in touch if you would like to include something (email to

What people thought of Independence Day 2008

There were three aims for the event and these were:

In respect of feedback, we actually had three types during and after the event. To be as open as possible we have put on the website the full feed back from all three formats. These were:
1 We asked all participants at the event to fill out a feedback card with the question “we would like your suggestions as to how all of us can build on today and in particular how we build a network and/or increase radical self organised activity in Haringey” – click here for the results
2 We had a final Feedback session at the end of the event again asking people for how we could move forward and what people wanted to see in future – click here for the results
3 After the day some of the organisers and others got together to see what we thought of the day, and to look into it in greater details – click here for the results
 If you want to make any comments or ideas for the 2009 event, including wanting to help organise it email us at: