David Appleby, Allison Graham, Steven Ross 1993, USA, 56 mins
Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I have been to the mountaintop” speech was delivered on 3 April 1968 in Memphis, the day before he was assassinated. “At The River I Stand” reminds us that, although King went to Memphis as part of his Poor People’s Campaign, he also went there because 1,300 sanitation workers had been on strike for higher wages and recognition of their union branch . Their signs read “I Am A Man”, and they were often photographed by the national media with the tanks of the National Guard rolling menacingly down the Memphis streets behind their picket lines. The film is a persuasive and moving argument for the position that the Memphis sanitation strike was the culmination of the civil rights struggle in the Southern States.

1.30pm POSTCODE WARS 2009
UK, 25 mins
There seems to be a stabbing or shooting of a young person in London just about every week and the media waste no time in fueling the fear that exists on our streets - one of the reasons for this tragic waste is ‘territorial’. This new short film made by students from Park View Academy is about youth violence in our communities - why is it happening and how do we stop it?

Reel News, 2008, UK, 24 mins
Forged in the heat of the US civil rights movement of the 60s, the Black Panther Party have been constantly misrepresented. Here ex-members speak for themselves about the community politics of this great revolutionary party and why they are still relevant today.

2.45pm ETHEL MCDONALD - An Anarchist’s Story
Mark Littlewood, 2006, UK, 68 mins
In 1936, with civil war sweeping through Spain, Ethel Macdonald - a working-class girl from Motherwell - was to become, for a year, one of the world’s most famous voices. She was perhaps the first example of an ‘embedded reporter’, sending dispatches and broadcasts back from the Spanish Anarchist camp in Barcelona to the UK. This film unravels the extraordinary mystery of Ethel Macdonald and examines the unique impact that she had during this dark period of European history when the people of Spain stood alone against fascism.

Mike Figgis & Jeremy Deller, 2001, UK, 60 mins
A vivid reconstruction of, and documentary about, a key battle between miners and Thatcher’s police in the 1984/85 miners strike. Director Mike Figgis and Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller collaborated to investigate a key moment in English social history and rekindle memories for those whose lives were changed forever by the industrial dispute - 25 years later, we remember.