Meeting Schedule

We are presently planning 13 meetings and workshops for the day. We will add the details of these meetings as we get them and put up a running order nearer the day. So far the meetings and workshops agreed for the day are:

Using the Media
Most people get almost all their news and information from mainstream media. So many campaigns and groups find it useful to use the local newspaper or radio to get their message across, even if they are wary of the darker side of the media. What is the best way to contact them, get your story noticed, and ensure your message comes across how you want it to? Are there differences between local and national media, or between the press and broadcast tv/radio? This workshop by Seeds for Change is an opportunity to get advice on how to use the media to your group’s advantage. Bring experiences, ideas and any contacts you have to share.

Organised by: Seeds For Change

How to start or strengthen a Community Group - a practical workshop on everything you ever wanted to know about creating an active and successful group but were afraid to ask
In order to have any real effect on what goes on around us in Haringey, and to improve things, we need hundreds of strong and active local groups of all kinds standing up for the interests of our communities. Come along if you want to find out or discuss the practicalities of how groups start, grow, share information, spread ideas, organise effective campaigns, be inclusive and involve their members, make decisions collectively, stick together, keep going, avoid burn out... and most importantly, achieve lots of success! All welcome - novices or experienced activists alike.

Organised by: Haringey Solidarity Group

Organising our own community events
Street parties, bike rides, picnics and festivals in parks, walks and talks, film shows, public meetings, school fetes etc. Come and share ideas and experiences on how to do it as easily, cheaply and successfully as possible!

Organised by: Haringey Federation of Residents Associations and Haringey Friends of Parks Forum

Making meetings work
Meetings are a necessary part of working in any group -- they give us the chance to share information, to reach decisions and to get jobs done. Good meetings can make all the difference between a group feeling motivated and dynamic or getting stuck. But we've all experienced bad meetings that have dragged on and on, with tempers running high, people talking over each other, one person dominating or no decisions being made... Fortunately with some facilitation skills it's easy to transform your meetings into an inspiring and enjoyable experience! This workshop will provide tips and advice on facilitating meetings and making them worthwhile, including facilitation roles, active listening, and problems in meetings.

Organised by: Seeds For Change

Local alternatives to the Rat Race
All around us there is pressure to spend, spend, spend! Be it on home improvements, cars, or replacing those goods that always break down. In an attempt to fuel these manufactured needs, we work harder and longer and often for diminishing satisfaction. Hey presto - we become part of the rat race! We have bought into the unachievable dream, pumped at us by advertising agencies. But there is another way. Whether housing, work, leisure, transport, food, or commodities, there are ways to do things differently. The discussion will be about practical ways to improve our daily lives. We will kick off with some examples of things happening in Haringey, such as housing co-op’s, time banks, and allotments - but we don’t know it all. Please come along with your own ideas." We would like from input from different groups in the borough involved in such alternatives.

Organised by: Haringey Solidarity Group

Climate Change and Copenhagen - what is it all about and what does it mean for us in Haringey?
Climate change negotiators from almost every country in the world will be meeting in Copenhagn in December this year.  This is just ONE meeting amongst many organised by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change - so why does this one matter more than the others?  What is the UK government doing and what will the results mean for people living in Haringey?

Organised by: Sustainable Haringey

Whose town is it anyway?
We want to feel connected to where we live and feel we can influence the lives of our communities. Common themes emerge across ethnic, age, class divisions when we bother to talk and listen to each other closely. This workshop will give us that chance.
There are differences of vision between community members and the big, organised interest groups - the developers, the builders, the in-vogue architects, the civic planners and local politicians.
This workshop will explore OUR visions for Tottenham - as residents, traders, public servants, regular visitors. We will present information about recent and future 'official' (Council and developer-led) plans for Tottenham and consider how we can organise better to ensure  that our future is not hijacked by powerful interest groups who do not represent our real aspirations. Everyone will have the chance to voice their views in an atmosphere of openness and collaboration.

Organised by: Wards Corner Community Coalition

From The Legacy of the Black Panthers, to Postcode Wars - a discussion
Following today's screening of Postcode Wars (made by students from Park View Academy) and The Legacy Of The Black Panthers (made by Reel News) there will be a discussion concerning the issues raised by these two short but emotive films. This session will be facilitated by independent filmmaker, Luke Allen who has recently worked with the Panthers in the US and will include contributions from the makers of Postcode Wars.

Organised by: Haringey Independent Cinema

Ford Visteon Workers fight for what’s theirs
On Tuesday 31st March at a meeting lasting just six minutes, workers for Ford Visteon in Enfield were told they were sacked and that their factory would close. Not at some time in the future, but there and then. No guarantee of payment of back wages and no commitment to redundancy payments or their pensions were given. They were told to leave the factory. The next day the workers gained entry through a side door, occupied the factory and barricaded themselves in. After 8 days in occupation, they left the factory, and have been organising 24 hour pickets of the place since, so expensive equipment cannot be moved out until they are paid what is rightfully theirs. Reel news filmed the occupation and this is the workers' story. Not to be missed. Followed by an update and discussion of the issues.

Organised by: Reel News & Haringey Solidarity Group

Running our own Community Centre
Community centres around the borough are closing all the time. Campaigning and community groups find it harder and harder to find spaces to meet in. Pubs are closing so there are even less community spaces to socialise in. Isn’t it about time we had our own space. Somewhere where we can meet, no matter what we want to discuss. Somewhere we can come together without the rules church halls and the council put on us. Maybe our own pub, cafe or restaurant? Somewhere we can hold talks, films and social events? Some of us would love to see this happen. It might be a far away dream, but somewhere like the Fountain on West Green Road has been mentioned, but it could be any space we feel fits us best. We are a long way away from making this a reality, but come along, have your say and express your views and hear what others think. Maybe we can make it a reality.

Organised by: Haringey Solidarity Group

Taking Direct Action Against Poverty
Fed up of all the recession doom and gloom? London Coalition Against Poverty has been working with people in Hackney to fight back against homelessness, benefit cuts and job losses. Using a combination of advice work and direct action, from street protests to occupying council offices, their tactics have seen a growing list of victories.  Come along to find out more and to discuss how a similar campaign could work in Haringey.

Organised by: LCAP & Haringey Solidarity Group

A personal Journey
Hanna Braun was born in Berlin in 1927. After the advent of Hitler she emigrated with her parents to Palestine in 1937. During her school years she became a fervent Zionist, joining the underground Hagana movement and saw no contradiction in simultaneously being friends with her Arab neighbours. When the state of Israel was declared, while at college in Jerusalem, she served in the IDF and had her first major shock when the massacre in Deir Yassin happened. She started teaching in Haifa but following her marriage moved back to Jerusalem. She became increasingly critical of Israel and left for Britain in 1958. She first went to the Palestinian Territories with a delegation during the first intifada and since then has gone many times. Her last visit was in 2008.

Organised by: Haringey Justice for Palestinians